It’s Hammer Time!

by 05-Feb-15

It’s no Mjolnir…

Wonder Woman’s Magic Lasso.

Green Lantern’s Power Ring.

Batman’s Batarang.

Green Arrow’s Trick Shafts (steady on…)

Yes, the list of heroes’ special weapons and tools is long and legendary.

But one, inexplicably, has been overlooked.

Behold, the Aqua-Hammer!

What? You don’t believe us? Take a look at this cover of Brave & Bold # 29, only the second appearance ever of the Justice League of America;














Now, take a closer look;



Yup, that’s Aquaman, giving it some welly with a mysteriously-appeared hammer that has apparently been concealed somewhere on his form-fitting costume until this moment!

You can imagine the editorial conference; “Okay, there’s the giant robot attacking; J’Onn J’Onzz is punching it, Wonder Woman’s swinging in on her lasso, Green Lantern’s blasting, the Flash is running up…”

“What about Aquaman?”

“Aquaman? What the hell’s he  gonna do? Hit it with a halibut?”

Thus, the Aqua-Hammer. And a legend (well, a rumour) was born.



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One response to “It’s Hammer Time!”

  1. Mike Teague says:

    Well spotted, sir ! But did it last longer than say the Spider-Mobile ???

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