Does Whatever A… Super Can?

by 22-Feb-16

If it had been Superman, it’d have been a shorter battle…

Marvel, the innovative new comics company of the early 1960s, made a point of being different from their long-established DC rivals.

Which makes this, one of their earliest “bloopers”, all the more embarrassing.

From Amazing Spider-Man 3, in his first appearance, Doctor Octopus gets so excited he forgets which super-hero he’s fighting!





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2 responses to “Does Whatever A… Super Can?”

  1. Mike Teague says:

    A panel that was corrected in some reprints, such as the first printing of the Marvel Masterwork, along with removing the dots / pupils from Spidey’s eyes in that panel from Amazing Fantasy #15.

  2. Mike Teague says:

    Stan would make a lot of mistakes in those early issues, even with the names of the regular characters, but one of the biggest which altered the whole flow of the story was in Amazing Spider-Man #30, which features The Cat as a very low key villain, yet there are a group of costumed villains up to a number of schemes who cite him as their boss, repeatedly ! The next issue, those same henchmen would be working for the Master Planner, who I suspect was meant to be their leader all along !

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