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2010′s online revival of the former print comics fanzine was one of the things that gave our founding editor, Martin Skidmore, a great deal of enjoyment in what, tragically, turned out to be the last few months of his life.

Three of his friends – Tony Keen, Andrew Moreton, and Will Morgan – have pooled our resources to keep FA alive as a source for comics discussion, history and criticism.

We hope that you will support us by visiting frequently, commenting, recommending us to your friends, and by contributing articles, features, reviews, interviews or short strips. (Submissions guidelines will be published soon.)

We aim to retain FA’s distinctive balance as “the serious fanzine with a sense of fun”, and to produce a website that Martin would have enjoyed – and, that you will too! Please let us know if you think we’re getting it right.

- The FA editorial team


Artist/writer Holly Golightly, and friend.

Holly Golightly

— 10-Jun-13

Nevs Coleman’s interview, from April 2013, with Holly Golightly, the writer/artist of such diverse series as Cheryl Blossom, School Bites, and Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose!

A Joe Kubert caricature of Robert Kanigher, done for the cover of the Comics Journal.

Robert Kanigher

— 25-Feb-13

On the fifth anniversary of Steve Whitaker’s death, we present for the first time the 1989 interview he and Tim Bateman conducted with legendary comics scripter & editor Robert Kanigher.


Ted Rall 2

— 26-Oct-11

This interview is the second with Ted Rall, multiple award-winning political and editorial cartoonist, journalist and broadcaster. In this interview from 2002, Ted talks with Ken Gale and Mercy Van Vlack about his experiences in Afghanistan following the events of September 11th, 2001, his falling-out with Art Spiegelman, and a variety of other topics.

Pat Mills, 2003. Photo; Jenni Scott.

Pat Mills

— 26-Sep-11

Pat Mills, co-creator of Charley’s War, Slaine and Marshall Law, amongst dozens of other series, interviewed by Jenni Scott about the largely unknown side of his career, on Jinty, Tammy, Misty and other girls’ comic weeklies.

Ted Rall at Stumptown Comics Festival 2007 (photo by Joshin Yamada)

Ted Rall

— 12-Sep-11

This interview, from 27th January 1997, is the first of two with Ted Rall, political and editorial cartoonist, journalist and broadcaster, whose work had been collected in eight books to that date. He talked with Ken Gale about his early career and influences, the pessimistic future of political cartooning in the USA, and the collective underside of the American psyche, gleefully explored in his book, Real Americans Admit: The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done!


College Crush

Inner City Pagan: College Crush

— 04-Apr-14

One of Lee Kennedy’s autobiographical “Inner City Pagan” strips, now in colour for the first time!


Pandora – by Howard Stangroom and Stephen Lowther

— 01-Sep-12

Here’s the second Pandora strip, newly-coloured by artist Stephen Lowther.

Pandora 1

Pandora – by Howard Stangroom and Nigel Kitching.

— 05-Feb-12

Here, in Pandora’s 30th year (!), is the very first Pandora page, newly-coloured by Nigel Kitching.



— 26-Sep-11

A reflection on the perils and pitfalls of needing to be needed…


Death Comes To The Archbishop

— 19-Sep-11

The ecclesiastical and the ecumenical clash in a pursuit of peril and passion!



Hazel Robinson writes about Young Avengers

— 25-Mar-14

Recommended reading.

Nasty Tales

British Library to host biggest ever comics exhibition

— 24-Jan-14

As part of their 2014 programme, the British Library this summer (2 May – 19 August) presents “Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy in the UK”.


Pop-up Jack Kirby Museum

— 06-Nov-13

Open in New York until 11 November.


Rare Bill Watterson interview

— 18-Oct-13

Mental Floss will carry a rare interview with Bill Watterson.



Why does everyone sh*t on the Scarlet Witch?

— 21-Jan-14

Does the Scarlet Witch ever catch a break?


How I wanted to write Batgirl

— 16-Oct-13

Tony Keen ruminates on how he wanted to portray the Dominoed Daredoll, comparing and contrasting her with other ladies of the DC Universe …



— 10-Jun-13

Russell Willis reminisces about the late Martin Skidmore, the beloved founder of this website, and his influence on Russell’s interest in comics and Russell’s new comics-reading app, Sequential.

Super-strong, super-confident, but not allowed to be super-smart, despite being a lawyer.

She’s Got A Brain, A Super-Brain… Oh No, Wait, She Doesn’t

— 29-May-13

So… where are all the super-smart superheroines? D. A. Madigan takes an unusual look at the gender divide in the superheroic world…


Whither The Dandy?…. And Does it Have To?

— 03-Sep-12

The pertinent question nobody’s asking – or at least not often enough – is not “Can the Dandy be saved?”, but “Does the Dandy deserve to be saved?”



Well, Shucks…

Part of the series Diablkarmtrogs

— 12-Apr-14

This entry is part 16 of 17 in the series Diablkarmtrogs

  So you’re a scantily-clad Greek hero on a quest, and you’re fighting a multi-headed monster. As you do. Your mighty sword cleaves through the air – and bounces off harmlessly, leaving you open to attack; what’s the first phrase you say? “Oh, golly.” Yeah, that’d leap to my lips in that situation… (From Charlton’s Hercules [...]

She's the wrong way round...

Isn’t She Facing the Wrong Way?

Part of the series Scenes from the Sex Wars

— 08-Apr-14

This entry is part 19 of 19 in the series Scenes from the Sex Wars

Will Morgan points out a potential technical hitch in the new episode of “Scenes from The Sex Wars”… She’s the wrong way round …

Mmm, sticky!

Mmm, Sticky!

Part of the series Diablkarmtrogs

— 06-Apr-14

This entry is part 17 of 17 in the series Diablkarmtrogs

Crap Villains of the Human Torch: Part 4. Concluding – for now – our sidelong glance at the Human Torch’s litany of losers, one for whom the phrase “kick the bucket” might have been invented… Yes, it’s Paste-Pot Pete!


It’s Behind You!

Part of the series Scenes from the Sex Wars

— 05-Apr-14

This entry is part 18 of 19 in the series Scenes from the Sex Wars

We note love truly is blind… Groovy!



Part of the series Diablkarmtrogs

— 04-Apr-14

This entry is part 15 of 17 in the series Diablkarmtrogs

We’re not done with dissing the Human Torch’s rubbish Rogue’s Gallery yet!

Man's Worth

What To Do With A Well-Dressed Burglar?

Part of the series Scenes from the Sex Wars

— 27-Feb-14

This entry is part 17 of 19 in the series Scenes from the Sex Wars

One of the eternal questions is (fleetingly) pondered…