Reanimator # 1

Reviewed by 11-May-15

The Reanimator franchise has been, appropriately enough, resurrected for another go-round at Dynamite…

TNReanimator01CovALeeMy history and love of the Reanimator movies happens to be prolific. I remember the first time I saw it, I remember the first person who recommended I see it and I remember exactly where I was, what I was doing the first time I watched it. I remember buying it from a giant HMV in Ottawa, the rest I’ll keep to myself as both have mention of ex-boyfriends and really, who cares about those specifics?

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the new comic book series. Keith Davidsen’s scripting is witty and captivating. I can hear the actor Jeffrey Combs’s voice clearly in my mind as I read the lines of Dr. Herbert West in print. It’s not the first time that the story has made it’s way into comic form. Dynamite has published different variations stories of the Reanimator several times and they go down in absolutely expertly told Lovecraftian history. The original story was written sometime in 1921. Take that, modern science fiction! You throw some Cuthulu in there and what is there to complain about!? Nothing really…well… one minor complaint; another damsel in distress, another female love interest and why would anyone fall in love with creepy old Herbert West?! This is where suspended disbelief really comes into play.

All in all the artwork is pretty typical for Dynamite Comics. Randy Valiente is not really barking up my artistic tree, but he’s clearly talented,  if a little uninspired. I guess if Paul Pope or Tyler Jenkins drew every comics, I’d probably be dead and in my own little slice of heaven. So what are you gonna do? All in all, fun read. The mini series ends at four so check it out before it’s over!

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