Ms. Marvel 2

Reviewed by 22-Mar-14

Reminder: Read this comic.

We don’t really need to review this, because you are all reading it already, aren’t you? (If not, see the review of issue 1 as to why you should.)

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3 responses to “Ms. Marvel 2”

  1. Mike Teague says:

    Not only reading – and loving – it, but it was the automatic first choice to read out of this week’s batch, despite the inclusion of several Avengers titles this week.
    Those who know me well will understand the significance of that statement.
    And it was such a brilliant issue (again !), such a joy to read and the art just seems to compliment the script perfectly. Lots of little gems to savour.

  2. Mike Teague says:

    Posted on Facebook yesterday by Dave’s Comics of Brighton:
    ” Ms Marvel #2 is finally back in stock, hurray! If you’d like to reserve a copy please email They won’t last long! ”

    There are clearly some slow learners out there, but the important thing is that they are learning !
    Just hope this trend is universal.

  3. Mike Teague says:

    Just read #15 and it is still the best thing being published by Marvel ! The art is wonderful and had touches of Marie Severin. It is so nice (and rare) to see an artist that is so perfectly suited to a particular title.
    Far better than that S*cr*t W*rs rubbish !

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