Slings & Arrows reborn

by 14-Apr-16

Frank Plowright, editor of 2002’s Slings & Arrows Comics Guide, has launched a new Slings & Arrows website.

Slings and arrowsFrank Plowright, editor of 2002’s Slings & Arrows Comics Guide, widely considered one of the essential comics reference guides, has launched a new Slings & Arrows website. The website aims to review every single graphic novel and collection ever published in the English language. The site’s nowhere near that sort of coverage yet, but it does have over 2,500 titles already listed, with new titles appearing every day.

We have here to declare a special interest, in that both Will Morgan and Tony Keen have written extensively for the site. So, whilst we think it’s great, we’re biased. But you should know that it’s there, and also that Frank is looking for new contributors. So if your favourite graphic novel isn’t covered on the site, then perhaps you’d like to write the entry? You can contact them through the website.

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